Internap UX

Below are a few of the interactive pieces designed while on the UX team at Internap. Our small team was as agile as agile can be. Comprised of a UX and Interactive director, a dozen devs, and me as UI/Visual Designer. 

The homepage had a long evolution, as it evolved along with our teams single-pane-of-glass customer portal initiative. As the brand began to take on new life, all interactive elements had to as well. Banner ads were a staple to the marketing department, our team took those, as well as any interactive properties marketing would allow, and wrapped them within the new brand standards, helping to solidify our new image of Internap.

The Internap international landing pages were a perfect opportunity for our team to show off our potential. We utilized the newly created product icons to serve as navigation/anchor points, dropping the user down to the corresponding product section. Each page featured specifically catered content and imagery based on regionaly targeted users.

Also included are user personas based on customer research for our Internap customer portal. Once completed, these were printed and mounted in the office to remind ourselves who we were designing for.